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The future of manufacturing is OPEN

Open platform giving you freedom to innovate

Nexus is Hexagon's new digital reality platform, designed to accelerate innovation. By connecting people, technologies, and data, Nexus empowers manufacturers to bring their ideas to life faster than ever before.

Are you ready for Nexus?

Easy access to Hexagon and partner products, training and support with Nexus
Foster collaboration, break silos and put data to work with Nexus
Use powerful cloud-native Nexus Apps & Solutions to drive productivity

Freedom to

At the heart of Nexus is freedom.

Freedom from silos and barriers that can stand in the way of innovation.

Choose the technology you own or prefer and use it in the way you choose. Even develop your own custom workflows to solve your unique problems.

At Hexagon, we’re embedded in the innovation that shapes the world. With Nexus we are building on our extensive domain expertise to create a platform for innovation on a scale never seen before.


in real-time

How do you spark innovation?​

Bring innovative minds together across disciplines and empower them.

Nexus empowers teams with data-driven insights by connecting data from multiple sources and creating a digital thread that offers unprecedented access to information.

Collaborate in real-time across the product lifecycle - from design and engineering to production and quality.​

Let’s face it. The world of manufacturing is fluid and ever-changing. The way we work should be too.​


Feel the
Power of

Reimagine your operations with an open platform, willing to meet you where you are. ​

Our open platform will enable agile, instantaneous feedback loops, cross discipline collaboration and optimized processes.​

The platform is scaled to your digital maturity and enables incremental adoption at your pace.​

Focusing on system of engagement rather than system of record.​

As a manufacturer ourselves, we understand the challenges that face you. With Nexus, we are making it easy to make connections so that you can increase agility and react to challenges.​


within digital

Amplify your productivity with new digital experiences to drive your digital transformation.

Nexus enables smart manufacturing for customers by bringing together manufacturers, partners, integrators and value-added solutions from Hexagon.

In a world that demands better products and more sustainable processes, Nexus gives you the freedom to innovate.


for you

For Engineers

Nexus will give engineers help, support, documentation and training through a personalized portal, housing everything you need to succeed.

You’ll get unlimited and instantaneous access to some of the industry’s most powerful capabilities, applications, tools and technologies, all connected with our cloud-based Nexus platform.

And, you won’t be alone. Nexus is centered around collaboration, making it the most dynamic way to work with your peers. Are you ready for Nexus?

For Managers

Nexus will give managers the tools and systems you need to drive efficiencies and performance across cross-disciplinary teams.

You’ll be able to empower your teams with the knowledge and connected solutions they need to get their job done, with closer collaboration and higher quality.

It’s more than just driving efficiencies. Nexus will enable your teams to solve the most complex manufacturing challenges with ease. Are you ready for Nexus?

For Leaders

Nexus will give leaders of organizations, large and small, a fresh impetus to transform operations.

You’ll have simpler licensing and instant access to the latest technology while implementing new and improved processes with ease to build better and more sustainable businesses.

To top it off, Nexus can help you anticipate trends, reduce risks and increase transparency across the entire manufacturing process. Are you ready for Nexus?

Hexagon's digital reality platform, Nexus, is now available to manufacturers – putting an end to silos and enabling faster innovation

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Hexagon and Altium partner to improve the sustainability of the electronics industry with cloud-based digital reality solutions

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